Divided basket

I love this pattern.


I found it last year at the awesome blog Noodlehead while roaming around the web looking at fabric and thinking about learning to sew. I was so smitten with it that I took the plunge and actually learned how to thread my sewing machine and, um, use it. Even though my first attempt was slightly wonky, it was fully functional and is currently in use as a diaper caddy!

Fast forward to last week and I needed something to put my baby daughter’s board books in. I knew this basket would be perfect.  I used a linen blend chambray with a little heft to it for the main part of the basket which gives it a nice sturdiness, especially when combined with the fusible fleece and craft fuse.


I really can’t say enough about the pattern. The instructions are clear and provide lots of visuals. It goes together fast and is super adorable when finished! And the possibilities for uses are practically endless. It makes an especially nice baby gift presentation. I have plans to make several more in the near future.


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