more divided baskets


I keep my daughter’s toys in a basket in our living room.  After many years of plastic bins and storage tubs I wanted something a little more attractive but no less practical.  A little searching led me to the Peterboro Basket Company and this beauty, which is technically a laundry basket but works just great for toys:


While certainly pricier than other storage options these baskets are beautiful and are hand made in New Hampshire of locally sourced White Ash (same wood they make baseball bats from). According to the company website, if cared for properly they can last generations.  They offers a huge variety of shapes and sizes as well as a number of stain options and if you wait for a coupon offer the prices are extremely reasonable.


After making the divided basket (Anna Graham of Noodleshead‘s fabulous pattern) for board books, I noticed how well it fit in the toy basket.  In fact it looked as though three divided baskets side by side would fit perfectly, and keep toy sets nicely sorted as well as look super cute.  I decided to make a set of loosely coordinated divided baskets, skipping the pocket this time and using a heavier weight fabric for the exterior than the quilting cotton I had mostly used before.


I came across this great Cotton and Steel collection with a fun, fifties vibe which includes a number of canvas fabrics covered in adorable things like apples and vintage picnic baskets. For some reason I am obsessed with all things picnic right now, so I couldn’t resist.  I chose three of the canvases for the exteriors and coordinating quilting cottons from the same collection for two of the basket interiors. I used a navy and white chevron stripe that I had in my stash for the third.


I have to say I am very happy with the result.  They fit beautifully, and can accommodate a range of different toys because of their flexible sides. They can be easily removed and replaced and definitely keep her toys organized in style!



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